Paul"s- Place Dauphine, Paris

Posted on February 13, 2012 by Dennis Barloga


I probably should have taken more photographs of iconic subjects like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, but I’ve always been more attracted to the smaller scenes- particularly cafes and storefronts- that capture the distinctive allure of Paris.

One of my favorite cafe images is “Paul’s”. It is nestled in one of the most attractive spaces in Paris- the Place Dauphine. Built in 1607 in the same style as the more famous Place Des Vosges, it was named by Henri IV for his son Louis XIII - the heir-apparent (Dauphine) of France. Although it is on the Ile de la Cite`- only several hundred yards from the traffic and noise of Notre Dame- this tree- filled  square is remarkably peaceful even in the summer season.

The park in the middle of Place Dauphin gave me a great vantage point for framing the classic limestone and brick architecture through the trees. Add multi-light windows, wrought iron details, flowers, umbrellas and classic cafe tables and chairs  and you have a photographic vignette that captures what  makes Paris so special.

I hope that you will imagine momentarily that you are there - walking through the trees, sitting down at a table and anticipating a refreshing lunch in this tranquil space. Or maybe the photograph will elicit  fond memories of  similar places. I was trying to capture an image you could build your personal story around . That’s why there are no other people in it. They would get in the way. 

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