My Cure for Italian Jet Lag

Posted on April 25, 2012 by Dennis Barloga

Actually, I only know the cure for Italian jet lag if you're flying into Milan- head for nearby(about 36 miles) Lake Como. With beauty, a relaxed Italian vibe and terrific  food -what else do you need? And, once you're there, you don't even have to drive - just buy a daily pass on the ferry and float carefree from town to town. Your head will feel better in no time.

My  home base at Lake Como- because of its setting, views and charm- has always  been Bellagio. I  enjoy hiking up and down the charming hillside village alleys and byways while browsing the little shops. What better way to burn off the calories  resulting from my addiction to the local mushroom risotto. 

Over the years, the smaller scale, family run Hotel Florence has been  my first choice due to its peaceful location apart from the bigger hotels.. Because it sits directly across the street from the lake, try to snag a front room on the upper floors so you get a balcony with a view. Then all you need is a bottle of wine.

Depending on the time you have, Lake Como has plenty of terrific opportunities for exploring. Old villas, botanical gardens, castle ruins, lakeside promenades, old churches and even beaches await  you as you disembark at the little villages around the lake.  Great shopping and restaurants abound. My favorite stopovers are Menaggio, Bellano, Cadenabbia and especially Varenna-but it will be your pleasure to discover your own. A few days of this and your jet lag will dissolve. But will you be able  to leave? 

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